Sweat Set
Sweat Set
Sweat Set
Sweat Set

Sweat Set

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About the pants:

The trousers are suitable for any occasion and can be used for everything from a Sunday at home to a casual school outfit, in other words they are the perfect go-to autumn/winter trousers. The trousers are designed with straight legs, without elastic at the bottom and a relaxed fit. Which also makes them a pair of stylish everyday trousers. The trousers have a good length, which falls nicely over the shoes. There is an adjustable lace on the inside which can be used to tighten the trousers so they fit you, in addition you can also turn the edge around so you can see the lace.

Produced by:

80% cotton

20% Polyester

The model is 167 cm. and uses size M/L (normal length) in trousers and size S/M in crewneck/hoodie.

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